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One of the main tough difficulties of latest theoretical physics is the mathematically rigorous development of a thought which describes gravitation and the opposite primary actual interactions inside of a standard framework. The actual rules which grew from makes an attempt to enhance one of these conception require hugely complex mathematical equipment and greatly new actual concepts.


This e-book offers diverse methods to a rigorous unified description of quantum fields and gravity. It includes a rigorously chosen cross-section of full of life discussions which came about in autumn 2010 on the 5th convention "Quantum box concept and gravity - Conceptual and mathematical advances within the look for a unified framework" in Regensburg, Germany. within the culture of the opposite court cases overlaying this sequence of meetings, a distinct function of this ebook is the exposition of a large choice of techniques, for you to facilitate a comparison.


The publication is especially addressed to mathematicians and physicists who're drawn to basic questions of mathematical physics. It permits the reader to acquire a extensive and updated review of a desirable energetic learn zone.

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