Download E-books Cracking the New GRE with DVD, 2012 Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation) PDF

Cracking the hot GRE with DVD, 2012 variation has been thoroughly revised and up-to-date for the alterations coming to the GRE in August 2011. It includes: 

   • Access to 4 full-length perform assessments (2 on-line and a pair of within the e-book)
   • Practice questions with distinctive reasons for each query
   • Key strategies for fixing textual content Completions, Sentence Equivalents, Numeric access, Quantitative Comparisons, and extra
   • Thorough assessment of all GRE issues, together with every thing at the new GRE
   • DVD supplement (completely overhauled in 2011!) with tutorials and precious details from The Princeton Review’s best GRE path instructor

If you want to are aware of it, it’s during this booklet.

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Insubordinate, rebellious; contumely capability insult, scorn, aspersion Debacle (noun) rout, fiasco, whole failure Denouement (noun) an end result or resolution; the unraveling of a plot Descry (verb) to discriminate or parent Desuetude (noun) disuse Desultory (adj. ) random; aimless; marked by way of an absence of plan or function Diaphanous (adj. ) obvious, gauzy Diffident (adj. ) reserved, shy, unassuming; missing in self-confidence Dirge (noun) a music of grief or lamentation Encomium (noun) gleaming and enthusiastic compliment; panegyric, tribute, eulogy Eschew (verb) to shun or steer clear of Excoriate (verb) to censure scathingly, to upbraid Execrate (verb) to denounce, to consider loathing for, to curse, to claim to be evil Exegesis (noun) severe exam, explication Expiate (verb) to atone or catch up on Extirpate (verb) to damage, to exterminate, to chop out, to exscind Fatuous (adj. ) foolish, inanely silly Fractious (adj. ) quarrelsome, rebellious, unruly, refractory, irritable Gainsay (verb) to disclaim, to dispute, to contradict, to oppose Heterodox (adj. ) unorthodox, heretical, iconoclastic Imbroglio (noun) tough or embarrassing scenario Indefatigable (adj. ) now not simply exhaustible; tireless, dogged Ineluctable (adj. ) yes, inevitable Inimitable (adj. ) unique, peerless Insouciant (adj. ) unconcerned, carefree, heedless Inveterate (adj. ) deep rooted, ingrained, ordinary Jejune (adj. ) vapid, boring, worthless; infantile, immature, puerile Lubricious (adj. ) lewd, wanton, greasy, slippery Mendicant (noun) a beggar, supplicant Meretricious (adj. ) reasonable, gaudy, tawdry, flashy, showy; attracting through fake convey Minatory (adj. ) menacing, threatening (reminds you of the Minotaur, a threatening creature certainly) Nadir (noun) low element, perigee Nonplussed (adj. ) baffled, bewildered, at a loss for what to do or imagine Obstreperous (adj. ) noisily and stubbornly defiant, aggressively boisterous Ossified (adj. ) tending to turn into extra inflexible, traditional, sterile, and reactionary with age; actually, become bone Palliate (verb) to make anything look much less severe, to gloss over, to make much less serious or excessive Panegyric (noun) formal compliment, eulogy, encomium; panegyrical ability expressing complicated compliment Parsimonious (adj. ) reasonable, miserly Pellucid (adj. ) obvious, effortless to appreciate, limpid Peroration (noun) the concluding a part of a speech; flowery, rhetorical speech Plangent (adj. ) pounding, thundering, resounding Prolix (adj. ) long-winded, verbose; prolixity capacity verbosity Propitiate (verb) to assuage; to conciliate; propitious ability auspicious, favorable Puerile (adj. ) infantile, immature, jejune, worthless Puissance (noun) persistent, energy; puissant potential strong, powerful Pusillanimous (adj. ) cowardly, craven Remonstrate (verb) to protest, to item Sagacious (adj. ) having sound judgment; perceptive, clever; like a sage Salacious (adj. ) lustful, lascivious, bawdy Salutary (adj.

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