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By Curtis Poe

Everything newcomers have to commence programming with Perl

Perl is the ever-popular, versatile, open resource programming language that has been referred to as the programmers’ Swiss military knife. This ebook introduces Perl to either new programmers and skilled ones who're seeking to examine a brand new language. within the culture of the preferred Wrox starting courses, it provides step by step assistance in getting all started, a bunch of try-it-out routines, real-world examples, and every little thing priceless for a Perl amateur to begin programming with confidence.

  • Introduces Perl to either new programmers and skilled ones who are looking to research a brand new language
  • Provides a number of real-world purposes for latest environments so readers can start instantly
  • Covers the recent gains of Perl yet absolutely acceptable to past variations

Beginning Perl offers the knowledge and guideline you want to expectantly start with Perl.

For Instructors: lecture room and coaching aid fabric can be found for this book.

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If it’s lower than 0, you get the quantity expanded through -1. exp() exp (defaults to $_) exp quantity The exp() functionality returns e (approximately 2. 718281828) to the facility of the quantity handed to it. See additionally: log() (later during this chapter). c04. indd ninety nine 8/9/12 8:46 AM 100 ❘ bankruptcy four operating WITH facts hex() and oct() hex hex oct oct (defaults to $_) STRING (defaults to $_) STRING Given a string, hex() makes an attempt to interpret the string as a hexadecimal price and to print the bottom 10 worth. for instance, the subsequent strains are an identical and every prints the decimal quantity 2363. print hex(“0x93B”); print hex “93B”; # similar factor This works on strings, no longer numbers. the next code prints 9059: print hex 0x93B; Why does it print that? simply because 0x93B is a hexadecimal quantity, and it’s evaluated as 2363. The hex() functionality then sees it because the string 2363, which, if interpreted as a hexadecimal quantity, is 9059. The oct() functionality is sort of exact, however it expects strings that it considers to be octal numbers rather than hexadecimal numbers. which means all of the following traces print the decimal quantity sixty three: print oct(“77”); print oct(“077”); observe if you would like to move from decimal to both hexadecimal or octal, use the %h or %o layout for sprintf() and printf(), respectively: printf “%x”, 2363; printf “%o”, sixty three; To structure the hexadecimal quantity with a number one 0x, simply upload it to the string ahead of the % personality: printf “0x%x”, 2363; # 0x93b To layout the octal quantity with a number one zero, use the # flag after the % personality: printf “%#o”, sixty three; # 077 c04. indd a hundred 8/9/12 8:46 AM Using Scalars ❘ a hundred and one int() int (defaults to $_) int quantity The int() functionality returns the integer worth of the quantity. In different phrases, it truncates every little thing after a decimal aspect. print int(73. 2); # prints seventy three For a few programming languages, if all numbers in a mathematical operation are integers, an integer result's back. for instance, in Ruby, the subsequent code prints three rather than three. five: print 7/2; Perl assumes that you simply don’t wish do discard this additional info, so it prints three. five, as anticipated. To strength an integer reaction, you should use the int() functionality: print int(7/2); # prints three notice To strength integer math, you can even use the integer pragma. See perldoc integer for additional information. log() log (defaults to $_) log quantity The log() functionality, as with so much programming languages, returns the usual logarithm of quantity (the quantity raised to the ability of e). See additionally exp()(later during this chapter). rand() and srand() rand quantity srand quantity The rand() functionality returns a random fractional quantity among zero and the quantity handed to it. If no quantity is handed, it assumes 1. in the event you favor integer numbers, use the int() functionality with it. therefore, to simulate the roll of a six-sided die, you may do that: print 1 + int(rand(6)); including 1 to it will be significant simply because if you happen to don’t, you get numbers among zero and five. The srand() functionality is used to set the seed for the random quantity generator.

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